A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In 2053 earth population has risen up to 10 Billion people. To make room they bring their trash to Mars. Your Job as an Artificial Intelligent is to tidy the area up as good as possible. Use your Rover to collect the junk, process it in your factory and build new Rovers to make your live simpler.

The goal is to bring hidden Uranium back to earth and thereby eliminate the humans, so they can’t bring you more Junk.


  • WASD: Movement
  • Q/E: Turn
  • Space/Shift: Up/Down
  • Control: Boost
  • Right Click: Select Rover, Interact with Factory
  • Left Click: Send Rover
  • M: News from Earth

Play time 20 minutes


V1.1 (16.08.18):
- Fixed most cases where the rover is not mining but he tries to and stuck
- Fixed that the rover don't turn in the base and block it
- Fixed the factory GUI is triggerd everywhere, eg. in the settings

V1.2 (17.08.18):
- Fixed that the sound-sliders don't work
- Slightly improved performance (up to 5 fps more, depening on your hardware and settings)
- Fixed that the rover is not mining but he tries to and stuck

V1.3 (20.08.18)
- doubled the performance!  (for explenation, see the new block)

If you have a lot of performance issues, try to ajust the quality settings at the start


Junk Rover Windows.zip 21 MB
Junk Rover MacOS.zip 25 MB
Junk Rover Linux.zip 24 MB

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