Starlink: Uprising 0.2.1 released

After a long time, we finally released a new version! This are mainly minor changes for the player, but we reworked a lot of code so many things will be much easier in the future.


  • German translation, this can be changed in the menu


  • Ghost Steel beams snap visually on all predicted snap poins, not only the first
  • placing new modules over scrap and own rockets possible


  • Stars and clouds will despawn if they are out of range


  • Changed amound and ratio of stars and clouds


Starlink Uprising 0.2.1 64 MB
Oct 27, 2019
Starlink Uprising 0.2.1 45 MB
Oct 27, 2019
Starlink Uprising 0.2.1 48 MB
Oct 27, 2019

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