A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to the Starlink project, where you can control your own satellite! Of course, it's is not yours, but you're renting it from the same mega company who builds all the evil ones too.
But you're not a drone. You can get better than this crap. 


W/A/S/D - Movement
Q/E - Rotate left/light
(Hold) left mouse - shoot
Mouse wheel (in game mode) - Zoom

B - build mode
X  (in build mode)- destroy mode
R (in build mode) - Rotate an object

Due to low demand, the latest version for Mac and Linux will not always be available. If you want to play it, feel free to contact me.


Starlink Uprising 0.2.0.zip 47 MB
Starlink Uprising 0.2.0 Mac OS.app.zip 65 MB
Starlink Uprising 0.2.0 Linux.zip 11 MB
StarlinkUprising 0.1.6.zip 26 MB
StarlinkUprising 0.0.29.zip 93 MB

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