Update to Version 0.2.0

Yes, we did it! Our game has arrived in Version 0.2.0. After one month of improvements,  you can fly through space and fight against other satellites with lasers and other great weapons. It’s possible to build your ship even bigger and better now too.

Improved Building system

The satellite you're building can become a large space-battleship.

Better score system

Now you get points for dealing damage and destroying all kinds of spaceships!

When the game was just made for a game-jam, it was ok to just add one score point for killing an enemy. But now we want something proper and add score points for dealing damage and some extra points when you destroy something.

Global scoreboard

In the scoreboard, you can see the most famous spaceship-pilots. Maybe you can be one of them!


Now you're able to hear the sound of epic space fights in which you fight with military grate satellite systems.

Yes, we now in space you can't hear anything, but with our newest version, you can not only hear the sound, you can also control the volume!

Interactive tutorial

We expanded the tutorial for new players. Now we teach how to begin the game. As before there are instructions on how to move and shoot but now also the principle of building. The player must build a panel with a laser weapon on top and learn, that he needs electricity to power it. After completing this tutorial, it won't be shown again.

Background graphics

The whole game looked very flat as there was only one repeating picture of stars. Three main parts work together to make it look much more interesting. First, there are purple clouds that made the background much more colourful. Secondly, the stars and clouds are generated in the world, so you don't have the same background all over again. Additionally, they aren't generated in one plain but split up in different one and move at a different speed to create the feeling of stars that are further away than others.

Full Changelog


  • Credits
  • Sound
    • Laser shot
    • Rocket shot
    • MG shot
    • Explosion
    • Building of a module
    • Energy loss of a weapon
  • UI improvements
    • Sound volume slider
    • Energy overview in build mode
    • Buttons for destroy mode, repair mode, back to game
  • Scoreboard
  • Live bar for the player, enemies, asteroids
  • Spawning of scrap in the world
  • New environment
  • Repair function in the build menu
  • Tutorial for building
  • Username


  • Background
  • New score system
    • 2 score per damage
    • 20 score per  destroyed asteroid
    • 50 score per destroyed enemy
  • new UI sprites
  • new radar sprite
  • The main module has more live, percentual to the size of the ship
  • Removing gives 1/2 scrap back
  • Removing gives scrap from every module
  • Removing a panel with a weapon only removes the weapon
  • Rebind rotate objects from "Mouse wheel" to "R"
  • Improved tutorial of rotate objects
  • Improved background
  • Improved performance for lasers
  • Improved performance for rockets
  • Improved performance for player modules
  • Fixed reload time of MG
  • ESC in build menu returns to game, not opens the menu
  • Rockets don't collide with scrap


  • laser energy 4 => 3
  • MG energy 3 => 4
  • MG cost 50 => 20
  • MG range 125m => 25m
  • MG DPS 0.7 => 0.84
  • Player rocket live time 7 => 5
  • Enemy rocket live time 7 => 5
  • Enemy laser now also target player rockets
  • Enemy sense range increases with bigger enemies


Starlink Uprising 0.2.0.zip 47 MB
Sep 03, 2019
Starlink Uprising 0.2.0 Mac OS.app.zip 65 MB
Sep 03, 2019
Starlink Uprising 0.2.0 Linux.zip 11 MB
Sep 03, 2019

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